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How many of you own

Horses?  Or ride them?

I like all animals, but I have to admit horses scare me a bit.  I am 6'2", 230 lbs, and horses dwarf me.  But they are so cool looking.

I was up doing some fly fishing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and we drove by a pack station/general store.  We stopped in for some refreshing beverages, and my boys, immediately wanted to go see the horses.

The saw a group heading up into the mountains for a 3 day pack trip, on horseback, and wanted to ride.   It's not that I am scared of horses, but , well ok, perhaps a bit.
The establishment offered two hour guides trips through the meadows at the base of the mountain, along a gin clear stream, stuffed with little wild brook trout, and rainbows.

I not ridden on a horse since I was a kid--and thank goodness for the guide.
He strapped helmets on the kids, and taught them the basics.   Then it was my turn.
I am a righty, so I approached  the horse from the right side, and put my right foot in the stirrup--wrong.  The pack guides were all having a good laugh at my expense.
No, I did not get on facing backward...they got me on the animal...

My kids had even more fun, and the scenery was beautiful.
I am taking my Japanese wife, and two kids to California again this summer--and my kids want to go back up to the Sierras , and ride the horses again.  My wife said that there is nothing on this earth that  could get her up on a horse--but I think my boys might be able to convince her.

Anyway, I thought you all might get a chuckle out of inexperience when it comes to horses.
Am I at least sitting on the horse correctly?
I will not wear short pants next time--the insides of my legs got adequately chaffed off last time...


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You look great up there Greg. You might want to wear some boots or sturdy shoes next time, if a horse steps on your foot it could be bad.



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my wife had 7 of them brutes but was skeered of a little ol Harley, now days the hroses are gone and i cant stop her from asking when can we go riding , she also finds it fun to pack the rods in the saddle bags and ride to any place we see water and try our luck.

yep long pants and as Pat said boots, also a nice wiping rag for the sweat on the wrists.

also if ya have a big belt buckle on your belt slide the buckle a bit to the side (keeps from diggin in to the belly)

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My wife LOVES horses and used to have a Paint. She is from Missouri, but got here to Texas as quick as she could! She's as good a Texas girl as any homegrown!
Cool post Greg!

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