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Post Info TOPIC: I have a few questions


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I have a few questions


When was the first rod built for RFS?

Who built it?

Who was it awarded to?

How many rods have been awarded to date?

Who were they awarded to?

Who built them?

Is there a web site promoting all rod presentations, all donations, all rod builders involved, all recipients, etc, etc.?

Hopefully you can all see where this is going.  I am not a rod builder, I am an angler.  I can however contribute to this cause even if I do not build custom rods.  Exposure, exposure, and more exposure.  I can help expose RFS.  Donations, this is also within my means. 

I would very much like to speak with both Pat Helton & Terry Jones, if for no other reason to thank them both.

Again thank you all for your involvement in the RFS program.

I understand and respect any and all privacy issues with recipients and or contributors; this is why GOD invented the word anonymous.  This too can be overcome.

Looking forward to any and all responses!


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Warren, Pat will be able to answer all of your questions concerning RFS, all were good questions

Pat checks the forum pretty regular and reply to you

thanks for the interest


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I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Please give me a call at 979-418-9093. We can use all the help we can get. Exposure is the best tool we have and I have not done very well in that department. I have pics of some of the presentations but should have more. A lot of the rods we build we don't know who they actually go to, we give to an organization that gives them to wounded soldiers and we don't get a chance to see who is actually getting them. We donate some rods to organizations that help wounded soldiers for auctions to raise funds for their events.

Anyway give me a call. I am available most of the time.




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Warren , first welcome to our little corner of the world, we do have a main web site and in it there is a section for the RFS program and info.

I must say i am at fault for not staying current and posting new info relating to the RFS program and i will strive to improve that in the near future.

the questions you have asked are valid and i hope Pat has provided you with many of the answers you requested and i hope to see you and our next club meeting if your in our area .

Ah, i see you not local to us, well if you ever get down this way one of use would be glad to show you around .

Terry G.

-- Edited by Terry Goode on Thursday 28th of April 2011 05:53:54 AM

when one cant fish one draws fish pictures or "make fishing rods"
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